Spa Treatments


No one needs further explanation for this service — cleansing, gentle massage and a facepack to the face will keep the skin youthful. In order to keep your skin from aging, regular facials are a must.


Like sandpaper, the superficial dead skin layer is scraped off with a specialized machine using crystals. Regular microdermabrasions can get rid of fine lines and even tone the face. Can be done on hands and neck as well.

Chemical Peels

Getting rid of the superficial dead skin layer by using various acids like glycolic, lactic acid and followed by a facial, keeps the skin looking young. Can be done on hands and neck too.


Gentle compression of the skin, superficial tissue and the underlying muscles by a professional to release tension in the whole body and mind is the ultimate aim. Massages can be therapeutic for many musculoskeletal conditions.

Couples Massage

What could be more romantic than people in love getting a relaxing massage together? This service could be for friends, relatives or lovers.


Lash Tinting

The “no one loves their own body” adage cannot be truer. However, you can have a different look just by changing the color of your eyelashes.


Even though we do have a laser hair removal service, some people prefer the traditional waxing off of the unwanted hair. Our esthetician uses a specialized hard wax for the purpose. (Please read laser hair removal in detail on the blog.)

Stress Reduction

Stress and the modern material world of rat race go hand in hand.

Shirodhara massage is the greatest stress reliever. YOU must experience it at least once to get hooked on it. A much acclaimed Ayurvedic technique uses special equipment to relax body and mind by massaging the third eye area. Shirodhara has been practiced for over 5000 years, with its origins based in India and it is incredibly helpful in balancing and harmonizing the mind, body and soul.

With the help of wonderful non medicinal dietary supplements and various breathing exercises, the ill effects of stress on the body can be reduced significantly.


Detoxification is an important way to cleanse the body completely of all the free radicals and toxins including heavy metals. By regular detoxification many health problems can be cured as the body heals itself better in a cleaner environment. Isn’t it interesting to know that in the USA, cars are better maintained than the human body? We can design a regular program of total detox with body wraps and some non medicinal herbal food supplements. Just like a car overhaul, this is recommended once or twice a year.


For the ultimate in stress relief, please visit our med spa, Renuv, located in Bensalem, PA. We specialize in creating a relaxing and healthy environment for our Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia, PA clients where lifelong health benefits and practices can be learned and applied. To learn more about Shirodhara and detoxification practices, please contact us today or stop in for a consultation.

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